I guess I should contact him, or not?

Last Friday I hooked up with, what seems to me the most gorgeous guy in my area-hot, hot, hot!

A friend introduced us at a party, he then followed us to a club, where after a few drinks we ended up kissing.

After all the drinks and being a guy, he forgot my name! He thought that would piss me off, but not at all actually :-P

Anyway spent the night & half of the Sat at his, he dropped me off...and all this time I refused to tell him my name...we didn't exchange numbers...

Should I get in touch with him? Can I suggest me not minding repeating what we did Friday night or that's too much already? Hahaha


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  • first off, how did forgetting your name NOT piss you off? lol

    i wouldn't get in contact with him, leave him wanting more! but do try and see if he's going to another party or something without him knowing so you can 'accidently' bump into him.


    • I really didn't care about it. It happens, you drink, there's a lot of noise...

      And after that I just thought it would be intriguing to leave it at that, so he only knows that my name starts with an I...that's it, not where I come from, what I do etc

  • Go for it. The guy already forgot your name, he might of forgotten what you've looked like. :O


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