What is going on in this girl's head?

So to make this very short and easy to read, here's a bullet point list about this girl:

-She just got out of a 2 year relationship with her ex.

-Doesn't want to "date" people, but "can't help getting attached"

-Said she likes me, misses me, wishes I was there, etc...

-We just met recently but we have already cuddled a couple times for hours and fell asleep together for over an hour.

-She said she cuddles with guys but it doesn't mean she likes them or has feelings for them(but she told me directly that she likes me)

-Me and her have hung out 4 times in the first week of us knowing each other.

-We text all the time. Pretty much all day long.

-We flirt a ton. She said she is a notorious flirt, but she has joked with me about not have clothes on, her butt, bras, panties, etc.

-She sent me 4 or so pics yesterday of her or stuff she is doing. Even one of all her underwear haha.

-But she says how she wants to meet a bunch of people and guys.

-She knows I like her. I've called her cute, sexy. awesome... she's called me sweet, cute, funny, smart...

That's what I can think of for now..there's probably a bunch more though. So my question is: what is going on? She is interested, but with her wanting to meet other guys and not really date, how should I approach this? And no, friends with benefits is not an option. It's not my thing and she's definitely not into it either. She said how she really only wants to kiss people she's dating. What should I do, how should I approach this?
She didn't send me a pic of her in her underwear...she sent me a pic of her underwear drawer being so colorful haha.

The reason I ask this question is because I actually really care for this girl now :) and I want to do anything I can to give it my all... she's the best thing to happen to me in a while, and I want to be there with her until she is ready for something more. I'd just like to know what others thought about what is going on. I'm going for it no matter what though :)
Another note is that we're both around 18. Freshmen in college. Not 25-29 like my profile says.


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  • she doesn't know what she wants right now

    things can be confusing for a person after they get out of a long relationship

    and its never good to immediately get into a relationship with someone who just got out of a long relationship... so its best for both of you if you wait

    she probably misses the comfort of a relationship, but still wants to have to thrill of being single

    tell her how you feel then give her some space, give her some time to think and time to explore her options and figure out what she really wants


    • She already knows I like her and think she's an amazing person. And that hasn't gotten her to back away at all...

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    • @QA: Exactly- so why waste your time? If she is really the one then she will want you but from what you wrote it doesn't seem like she wants a relationship right now. Sorry but when someone is like that, all you have to say is NEXT!

    • Not everyone is always going to want a relationship when you first meet them. Why waste my time? Haha I hope you're joking... so you want me to just say "oh, well this might be too much work. I might as well just walk away from someone I have feelings for because it might be tough... shucks!"

      You don't give up on something you really want and you fight til the end. I want to be with her. She makes me happy. It's not just "NEXT!" There are not many girls like this one.

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  • A girl like that- do you really believe she isn't into friends with benefits things? Because she says she wants to date multiple guys and she sends you pictures of her underwear and you guys cuddle and she SAYS she doesn't cuddle with multiple guys yet do you really believe her?

  • Aw... you sound so cute talking about her.

    I don't know I think that she needs to have some space and then try agian. She probably likes you too but just isn't feeling ready for something like a relationship now.

  • I'm going to comment here so that we don't keep commenting on madheals.

    I understand where you are coming from. You really want this girl. She is everything to you. If you had to pick one girl in the whole world, you would pick her. HOWEVER, a relationship has to be mutual. If she does not and I repeat does not have the same feelings for you, why in the world would you think a relationship with her would work out? You can try I mean you can try for a year for 2 years, heck even your whole life to be with this girl but if she doesn't want to be with you it does not matter anymore how you feel.

    • She just broke up with her boyfriend 2 days ago... I'm pretty sure I can give her some time.

  • she likes that you're giving her attention and it comforts her, but I don't think she's looking for anything serious especially if she just got out of a long relationship.. you need to give her time and don't push it. my best advise to you: just go with the flow and try to not get too attached until you're sure she really does like you and you're not a rebound.


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