Sexy Sexting- Hot or Freaky?

What is taking sexting too far from sexy to freaky (in the bad way)? What are some sexy things to say to someone via text in a LDR?


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  • Sexting is OK, but there has to be closure to it. You can't carry it on for months and months and months without having a meet up. Sexting, whether we know it or not is about prolonging certain feelings and tension in a given relationship.

    If we don't give the sexting some real "finale" it loses its meaning and becomes something chaotic in the relationship.

  • You've just lost dignity.

    • I don't believe so whatsoever if it is someone you care about. It's almost essential in a LDR as long as everyone is careful. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • WaitingAtTheDoor's advice is great.

      I would add that it creates a bond substantiated by nothing else; a bond that is, at the very best, tenuous.

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