Too busy to want to send me a text?

Sigh.. But it bothers me you know...

I'm at work, out in the mines. My only way to really talk to her is

threw texting. I am gone for two weeks..

To be fair, she is a single mom. And I know she is busy.

But too busy to want to send me a text ?

I get off work, and one hour before I get off work she texted me that she was going to the park with her son. On a cloudy cold day..

I got off work, and I have nothing to do here except the gym.

I keep my self busy but she won't even reply within four hours. Not one text. And I go to bed a hour later. I mean. how hard is it to send one text within that time.. Sigh.. I don't know if I'm just over thinking. But she doesn't seem to care much about how I feel. Just would get mad at me. I know it is something I shouldn't even think about. But I do and it does bother me. Really annoys me... I just.. ugh. What do you think..

I told her how it made me feel. She's annoyed at me now and really defensive.. Oops
She just says she was busy with her son. And diddnt care at all about my feelings.

Said I don't care about her feelings. Etc. Talking to her about it did nothing. Just annoyed her. Well. Was worth a shot.

On the cheating note, I've thought about that for some time now.

And I have accused her of it a few times from some stuff I noticed and found.

Ive been cheated on before and she uses that as a reason to why I assume.

Swears she never has. And we almost broke up cause of it.


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  • my boyfriend does this too - take HOURS to respond and it drives me insane! just tell her how you feel - explain that you miss her and would love to hear from her/keep updated on her life


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  • Sometimes women with children get caught up because they have so much going on in their every day life. Just text her that you'd like to hear from her a little more.

  • I know the feeling,why is she acting distant? how long have you been gone now? Ask her what's going on with her sudden disinterest,tell her to be honest,you will understand, cause not knowing is causing you stress,dont keep it in,thats the worse thing you can do to yourself,u deserve answers right now.

  • She doesn't sound very nice to you...this is probably not going to work out well.

    If you are away and unavailable for weeks at a time it is very possible that she has other stuff going on the side (maybe other guys).

    Well she could get annoyed and defensive because of the way you said it. It could be a communication problem.

    The thing is, don't we all really sense the difference between a secure relationship and an insecure relationship?

    If it feels wrong to you, which it's not good. You would be better off moving on.

  • defensive is not a good sign,read on how to tell if someones cheating,not saying she is but she is showing a few of the signs,nobody that loves you shuts off that quickly,something is up

    • she is selfish and her excuses suck! kids don't take that much time,i raised two,theres a lot of me time through out the day,u know the signs,trust your guyt and the fact that she is all defensive is not reassuring,if you love somone whos been cheated on ,u try to reassure them or give them no reason for doubt,showing no interest is not LOVE

  • Has it occurred to you that her volume of texting could be in direct proportion to how she's coping with your absence? You're gone for 2 weeks and although that's not very long - if it's a consistent thing which I'll assume it is, it gets tiresome. Sometimes it's easier to shut down contact until you can physically feel your s/o. Texting gets old, especially with a young one fiending for your constant attention.


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