I'm the one texting him. The mind of a guy? Need some help please.

Okay we have been friends for a looooong time. We went out on just a day to hang out last week. We have scheduled another on next week. Before we hung out he was always texting me just to see how I was. Now its like I'm the one texting him. Not constantly like ill shot him one every 6 hours or something like. An yes he will talk. Is this normal?


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  • very normal. It's going to be hard to make the transition from friends to more. Unless he always really liked you and couldn't make a move, he probably is on the fence. But, you can certainly flirt a little bit and see if he responds. There's always the chance that he hasn't had the opportunity yet.


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  • Maybe he's a little pre-occupied with other things in his life.

    You can always slow down your texts.


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