My boyfriend called me while crying and I don't know what to do ?

This is gonna be short I promise , but I really need help. This is my first boyfriend ( together from 2 years ) .. a couple of days ago he asked for a break , and I told him alright you can have all the time that you need .. anyway he kept contacting me and casually talk to me .. today though , he called and he was crying saying that he is sorry for being a jerk to me .. and I'm a good person and he doesn't know why does he do this to me .. I don't know what he meant honestly, he didn't do anything lately , but in general yeah he had been a jerk sometimes .. but I forgave him .. anyway I didn't know what to say .. I just told him that I love him and asked if we can meet tomorrow so we can talk about this .. what does this mean ? I am really scared .. and I don't know whether he is actually sorry about all the stuff he had done to me during the relationship ( he never cheated or lied though , just normal stuff ) .. or was he acting ? or he did something behind my back and felt bad about it ?


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  • Maybe this is just me, but it sounds like when he asked for a break he hoping you both didn't need one. Now he's freaking out because he thinks that you don't care enough to stay in a relationship with him.

    I mean, why else would he be constantly calling you after he asked for 'a break' that is the exact opposite of what a break is supposed to be. That or he realized how stupid that was about five minutes afterwards.

    • Totally agree with this.

    • Hmm .. but he seemed so sure about it .. I don't know what to believe honestly .. I mean we are both pretty mature people , we are not a high school couple that does this crap .. I don't know what's up with him.. anywya thanks

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  • It sounds like when he wanted a break there was actually the possibility that there was another girl in the picture and he wanted to explore the possibility and then realized SHE was not what he wanted and also realized what a beautiful sweet loving girlfriend he already had. The tears are probably fear that he may have done something that you may not forgive him for and he could lose you forever...thia happens to many people , especially men,when they begin to feel like this could be a forever thing because they have developed those feelings,they pull back,(break) to reacess,sometimes getting involved with one or more other women sometimes not,but then realizing that you are their true love..have you read men are from mars women are from venus? You did the first step in that book which was to let the rubber band stretch with out chasing behind him and in turn it sprung back your way..meaning he is back now full force.

    Now its noit going to be easy hearing what he has to say if its what I think it is,but he didn't CHEAT because you were on a break,he just got permission to be single again.. this could make things stronger as long as he doesn't ask for a break again because the next time you won't be going along with it knowing what he did the first time..sorry so long lol

    • hmmm interesting .. this happened to me by the way , what you wrote in the first lines.. anyway do you think I should call and casually ask if he feels better ? and maybe get a chance to ask whether he did something unforgiveable or something ?

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    • Well I called last night to check if he is fine .. and he started talking about how he feels guilty about the way he handled things sometimes.. and the way he hurt me .. he also told me he talked to his father about this .. and needs some time off to really change , I haven't asked him to change at all.. its his guilty conscience I guess! I asked if he wants to meet and he said that he is not ready yet .. what do you think :( ?

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