Guys what's your take on this?

A guy has been texting me non stop since a week on Saturday, I mean non stop, all day then at night he would be like "night, speak tomorrow, even when we have both been working etc. Then this weekend he went a bit more quieter then today nothing.

What do you thinks going on?

Just bored of texting me now?


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  • He may be busy since it's the weekend and he probably has made some plans.

    What I think is going on is that since he's been texting you non stop all this time he thinks he may have been bugging you and wants to back off a little bit to give you some space. We might be trying to make up our minds whether we really like the girl or not. She could be doing something we may or may not like. Or, it could be we just really don't know where are hearts are at and we're sorting it out. You may have said something over text to give off the impression that you weren't into him or didn't want him to text you or didn't reciprocrate the same feelings he was sending to you over text because I can definitely tell you that this guy is interested in you. He was texting you non stop for a reason, going out of his way to reach you.

    There may be a possiblity that he's bored of texting you but that's not likely the case here. A little bit of mystery and wondering is what keeps you coming back to us most of the time. Maybe he's tired of texting you first and would like for you to start initiating the texts first. But one thing is for sure is that he wants you to start making the move. Let him know that you're thinking about him. He wants to know that you're as interested in him as he is interested in you. Shoot him a text and see what happens from there.

    • Before I do text him do you think this may be some reasoning behind it? we were texting on Friday and he didn't reply for a few hours. I had a few drinks Friday night and asked if I had said something wrong becasue he had gone quiet on me, he said sorry was just busy and he was out with mates so I apologized and said sorry whatever, then I said I felt like I was bugging him becasue I text. do you think I have come across as clingy and he's changed his mind?

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    • Ok good stuff. Thanks for the advice :)

    • Haha you're welcome! :) Glad I could help! Could you give me Best Answer?

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  • Either he was busy or he's testing you.

    with testing I mean testing if you're intersted enough to initiate a conversation or not.

    • But I did initiate a few times last week. And I initiated contact yesterday but he didn't really seem to want to chat so I don't want to seem to be annoying by texting him today.

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