Mixed Signals on First Date?

I recently went on a first, kinda blind date with a girl I met online. She was really nice, and I feel like we hit it off OK. We talked a lot and I got her to laugh a lot. But the date ended kinda abruptly, as if she had spotted some kinda deal-breaker or something. I mean, it was all polite and stuff, but yea, we just kinda left and went our separate ways without so much as a hug goodbye.

I was getting some pretty negative vibes at that parting, like she really wanted to get out of there. Though, I could just be paranoid.

Basically, what I'm asking is should I still send the 2-day after text saying I had a good time and we should do it again? Wouldn't that make me kinda a clueless loser if she secretly had a rotten time until she couldn't stand it anymore and left?

I think I might have been too passive or something. I dunno.

Should I just let it go? I mean, it was a blind first date, I'm not attached to her in any way, I wouldn't be sad if I never saw her again. Though she was pretty good looking and nice... but just cause I saw potential doesn't mean I'm desperate here.


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  • I think you should casually chat with her when you text her, if she seems responsive ask her if not just leave it alone. However she could have had a minor emergency, unless the date went wrong after you said or did something, it may have been TOTALLY unrelated to you. I remember that once when I was on a date, my cat got into a bucket of paint (my roommates were painting there bedroom and didn't lock the door so they texted me, apologizing saying they had everything under control) I didn't want the guy to think I was a freak and so I didn't want to say "Hey, my cat might be running around my apartment covered in lilac purple" so I tried to get the date over with, I "think" I did a good job of not hurrying but I don't know so, it could be unrelated to you. Or you could've offended her without knowing it so think over the conversation in your head. Either way a friendly text can't hurt.


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  • well yes send her the 2 day text thingy see if she responds,if she is courteous she will respond if she doesn't you got your answer.

  • what if she really liked you or not is the burning question here so get the answer first? call her just first and let her do the talking,if she is low and running that's your answer.;)

    words would be key to all your doubts,

    think long think wrong? :)


What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe just start a conversation with her in a day or two. Not like "I enjoyed the other day, we should do it again sometime". That's too cliche and awkward. Just a regular conversation. Start with "hi" or "hey" haha.

    • The thing is that I don't know her at all outside of us hanging out that one time. I mean, we really didn't even talk at all beforehand, just set up when we were gonna hang out and such

    • Really lol? Cause I also went on this semi-blind date once but we'd talked a lot beforehand. Maybe you should try talking to her more in between dates?

  • Send her the text. Got nothing to lose, right?


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