He's interested but taking things very slow, how do I confront the issue without seeming pushy?

How do I admit the elephant in the room that there's something between us without seeming too pushy? Long and short of it is we are on the brink of dating but he hasn't actually asked me yet. and he's taking his sweet time. He's not messing me around and he is single. his friends and mine drop hints frequently enough. I think he maybe just has a touch of cold feet cos we've known each other a while and it would be a big enough transformation of our relationship. but its the right time.

i think its time we had a talk. and sort of confronted it.

is this the right way to go about it?

it cannot be ignored any longer. the flirtation and smiles have to lead somewhere eventually...


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  • I went through the same thing with my girlfriend that I have right now. But my advice would be to get in a relaxed situation, I was drunk when I told her I had strong feelings for her. However, a man knows it's his job to ask the girl out. If you're doing intimate things and he hasn't asked you out then he's using you so hopefully that's not it. But I don't think you can know for sure he isn't messing around because I used to do the same thing and wouldn't date because if I put it on Facebook that I had a girlfriend then there goes all that! So if you're kissing or anything like that and he doesn't ask you out soon then I'd say move on


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  • He knows the issues w/o your help.

    The best you can do is to research what the hurtles are, so that when you see each fulfilled in time, you'll feel closer to realizing your dream.

    • i have no idea what you just said...


      what issues?

    • i'm not chasing this guy forever ... I need to ask him why he hasn't asked me out in the last months...

      i'm not spending a lifetime "realising a dream".. I just want to go out on a few dates with teh guy seeing as he chased me for months... that's all!

    • Just tell him this and you'll find out why and if you should 'chase' him. I put that in quotes because clearly you haven't really chased him.

  • Straight up tell him because I can't tell you as shy as I am I would have loved for a lady to ask me out right.


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