How does one take things slow when it comes to dating and relationships?

How do you take things slow when it comes to dating and relationships? How soon do you move from casual dating to asking a girl to be your girlfriend , then to being exclusive. How soon do you move from one stage to another? When do you decide to take things slow and how do you do it?


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  • There's no set of blue prints to a relationship. It ultimately depends on the two involved. It's all about communication. The average person is a not a mind reader; if the two can communicate well, then things will progress. Sometimes, people want to take things slow because of the shock of the compatibility and the easy flow of the relationship. It's buyer's remorse. People often have questions or doubts in regards to the relationship. Maybe, there could be someone else out there. What if this easy flow doesn't work? What if I can find someone else? As a result, people will say they're not ready or things are moving too fast. The best way to do it is to communicate what you want.


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  • You don't "officially do any of that. It just happens naturally. If you both are "feeling" each other the same way then you just become lovers and friends. There is no time table as everyone is different. After talking to a female for a minute or two I will know if I want to pursue her. After a few dates or so I will have an idea of who she is and if I want more. Sometimes it takes one date to know if she is not the right girl and sometimes it takes 10 dates to know she is the right girl for me. It all differs and I am sure it differs from person to person. I adore all your new pics by the way pretty girl.


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  • i think it really depends on the individuals involved but if months of regularly talking and seeing each other go by and he has not mentioned exclusivity I would think he may not really want a relationship

    most people tell me that they become exclusive/boyfriend and girlfriend fast, within a month or two. I would think that makes sense.


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