What is after casual dating?

What is after casual dating does this mean you date him only or you are boyfriend and girlfriend how do I know he is serious about me or just possessive.


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  • In a way, the GirlsAskGuys topics seem to be organized in chronological order. Flirting -> dating -> relationships, etc. When you date a guy exclusively, you're in a relationship with him. If he doesn't want you to date other people, it probably means that he wants to be in a relationship. Ask him how he feels about officially becoming a couple.

    • Nice to thak to guys I liked you answer

  • Do what he does. If he's possessive then be possessive to him (if you want to be). If you guys are just dating then that's it your "dating". But ask him where YOU stand in his life.Whats wrong with that? If he's a prick then he'll say something like " I'm not ready for a relationship" and its up to you on how you are going to react to that. But if he is possessive and goes out with other girls, he shouldn't have the right to be possessive.

    • I will ask him if we are in relationship thanks for your answer but he called old girlfriend does he want to know she is still in to him

    • Guys call ex's for dumb reasons. Usually they just want to feel loved again and see if its still there. Or maybe he's just curious how's she's been. Habits are hard to break sometimes, depending on how long they were together for

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