She says she wants to take it slow? Now there's more than that.

So I recently started to talk to this girl from work, and we talked for about 4 days. We met yesterday at a restaurant for dinner, and we spoke about stuff there. Anyway, it seemed she really liked me, and she kept closing in on me for a kiss, so yea... I ended up kissing her, and we kissed for a long while there. Anyway, after she left, she kept texting me about how such a great night she had, and how lucky she was. I was really happy, because I wasted 60 bucks almost in dinner, and I got to meet a great girl.

Downside... Today, I text her at around 12pm, saying "good afternoon", This is what she replied... "Hey, I'm not feeling good, I think the food from yesterday made me feel really bad, I called out from work today. I'm going to rest for a bit, so I text you later". So, I left her alone. At around 9pm, she text me saying, "I know this is not good time to say this, but I think we should slow down. I think we're moving too fast, and I don't want to move to fast and all". So I texted back and told her it was cool, no problem for me. If she wanted to take things slow it was alright for, because I don't want to pressure her into anything she does not want, or push her away. I told her, she should also tell me if anything she's not feeling is right she should just tell me, that she shouldn't be scared or anything, and should just be honest with me.

This is where the part where I just never even bothered texting back at her. She texted back like 40 minutes after that say, "I think we should just keep talking instead ( I don't know if shew meant on the phone like texting). We rushed to meeting each other". I was so turned off, that I don't even know what to say back to her. I was really let down. :(

Anyone out there ? Damn!


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  • Honestly just give her some space. Give it about a week and then text her asking what's up and if she wants to hang. Do not kiss or touch her. A hug is okay though. Just be a friend for now and if she is interested she will say yes and hang with you. Get to know her first.


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