Crush on a married man? :(

The thing about me I that I've always Fallen for married men. I think they're caring, loving and they possess a lot of gentle, admirable characteristics. But I will never act upon my feelings. I dislike the idea of being a third party to a relationship. At the end of the ay, I tend to get hurt alone. :( any advices?


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  • Many girls like married men because they show that they are willing to make the committment to settle down and have a family. You are free to do what you want, but my advice is to avoid relationships with married men because they just end badly. Most times, very badly.

    It's time to go about living your own life and finding a guy who wants to make that same committment with you.

    • Thanks, :) good advice there. I will look for these traits in single men instead. :)

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  • Change your views? because the one that you have right now is fckin dangerous and it will never work. Besides if a married man flirts with you? The chances are he won't have those characteristics that you just described that you found likable about men.

    There are lot of men who has those characteristics and single.

    • Thanks. And true that he isn't all that, if he's messing with another girl when he already has a family.

    • Exactly! so it's a lose lose situation my dear friend, don't do it, it's not worth it mmmkay?

    • Yup, thanks! :)

  • The only exception to this would be if his wife or spouse has died and he is of a certain age his children have become full adults. But honestly it is not advised if one does this if his spouse is still alive and whatever age group. It really is morally wrong to break up the integrity of ones family.

    How would you like it if your own middle-aged father fell for another young woman? How would you feel?

    • Hey that's the thing I never acted on my feelings because of my conscience.

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  • Well, it may seem like married guys are nice and able to commit but if theyre having an affair, that should show you otherwise. It shows what kind of jerks they are. No good man cheats on their wife.

    im sure there are lots of guys.who are willing to commit and are single. You just have to.go out and meet some.

    Forget about the married men. :D

    • Haha! Yes! True.m:) thank you.

  • I know exactly how you feel. I have been crushing on my profs for a while now. I just find smart charming guys attractive period. It has nothing to do with them being married. I would never ever ever act on it though. I guess we just have to admire them from a far?


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