What do women look for on dating sites?

I am just curious when using dating sites what's grabs your attention the most. What info do you look for. What messages do you respond too. There are so many guys out there how can I stand out and at least get a chance


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  • I've been on a dating site for 2 months now (once back in April and again more recently). I tend to look into the eyes of the guys photograph to see if I can trust him and if he looks genuine. I read his profile to see if he can write English well and spell (to exclude scammers). I never respond to general messages sent out - delete them straight away. I will respond to a personal message as honestly as possible to show that I'm genuine.

    I believe if you demonstrate that you are really you and not trying to be someone else, then you will find the genuine woman. However, be warned there are heaps of young girl scammers out there trying to get your money and they will play you. You must be mindful and not give away too much too early. Sometimes its a sad world and you really have to tread carefully.

    I've met a few guys off the dating site I'm on (I'm from Australia) - I've had a 50/50 success rate. 2 are genuine lovely guys, just not for me and 2 were terrible, not anyone I would want to meet again.


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  • Well look at other guys profiles and the general theme...and think about any aspect of yourself that is a bit different compared to others.

    In the photo for your page...put something a little goofy if you have a goof-ball side.

    Maybe a chick put a bad mojo curse on you...that could happen--did you piss anybody off? .

    • Lol curse I don't know? I have had pretty bad luck with women. In last 12 years 3 ltr 2 cheated and one moved away it was a mutual decision. Whoever I pissed off is not giving me any justice. Lol I blame a lot of it myself at times I sold myself short went for the wrong women.

    • Man, that is a rough road.

      Nothing lasts forever...but at least it sounds like you gained insight sometimes that is all we can hope for.

  • They look for guys like you Derek.

    Why ask people what you should say...if you write that in your on-line profile...you are just telling people what you think they want to hear.

    That's not going to help anybody.

    • Not really asking what to say. I am pretty honest person. So I am not one to lie about myself. I just moved to a new city 5 months ago. I have had the hardest time just getting a date. I had no problems back home. Just feel like I am doing something wrong.

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    • I moved from Kansas city Missouri to slidell Louisiana its about 10 min north of new Orleans

    • I'm not from those areas I can't advise about the local dating atmosphere in those places.

      XOXOXO...maybe you just need to find your niche.

  • If she's an attractive girl who gets messaged a lot, the first thing she's looking for is physical attraction. She will simply look through the pictures and delete the guys she knows she isn't attracted to physically. I think most guys can understand this since that's exactly what they do. Next, she'll check out your profile and see if you seem confident, genuine (not just looking for a hookup), and if you have things in common.


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  • ego boost mostly