Bowling bet

soo me and this guy I like kissed the other night after I drove him home; but I was really high haha; we were texting talking about how we were going to go bowling the next day so he was like ok lets make a bet, his was I have to do more then just kiss him and I was like ok ill make out with you and he said deal but I forgot to make my deal haha so we went bowling I won like 148 to 118 haha and he said to pick something that I wanted for wining but I don't know what to say;; help?


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  • Well, what do you want? He obviously wants more than kissing and making out. It's your decision whether to kiss him, do more, or just be friends. GIve off the right signals based on this decision and I'm sure it'll work out the way you want.

    good luck

    • I deff like him haha and I knowww he likes me ill just say like a makeout for now? haha

    • K just make it clear to him that you want to make out without actually telling him. signals are really good, like body language, flirting, you know, etc. it'll just happen if its meant to happen.

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  • yeahh, just ask for what you wnt ; he obviously likes you ;D