Feeling a little embarrassed. Hope I did not scare him off?

I got a bit nervous after sending this guy I am dating a few photo's of us together. He thought they were really cool and sent me some of us that he took of us on his phone.

He did not respond to the last one I sent. After his lot. I should have just left it at that but ended up messaging him three times again after. Oops!

I usually rarely messages first and hope I have not scared him off by sending too many texts this time around.

The last one was nice though and did not say anything about wondering why he did not message me back.

Just feeling a bit embarrassed and hope I have not scared him off.

Do know that he had things on that day and he probably just did not think of replying to my message.

It has been a day and a half since and giving him his space till I hear from him again. Just feeling embarrassed. LoL.


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  • There is nothing to feel embarrassed about give him a few more days...

    • Just feel like I have blown it. Just confused but still doing my own thing till he gets back to me. I don't think I was that bad? Kicking myself though.

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