Best place for a first date?

A cafe, in my opinion.

Let's look at the benefits:

1. A cafe is very chic and modern - it's not like going out to McDonald's.

2. It's inexpensive.

3. It's laid back and casual. A first date is only a screening session - not really anything super romantic, so it shouldn't be taken too seriously (like a nice dinner). It can last 30-40 minutes and not for hours.

4. There's no distraction. Just you and him/her. It's not like a basketball game or a movie where you sit by each other for 2 hours and still know very little. So, if it's just you and her/him, then you will know whether you get along well or every second of it is painful. You learn the most this way.

5. It's safe and public. No pressure or fear.

  • A cafe is one of the best places for a first date
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  • Its a good place for a first date, but far from the best
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  • Its actually a bad place for a first date
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  • It's an alright setting-if by date you mean uncomfortable interview type interaction where there's a chance u'll run out of topics b4 you can say chi latte. I like being active whether it's walking around a zoo or heck even rock climbing. Plus you never run out of conversation fodder when your mutually enjoying an activity. In the end I guess it just comes down to someone's interests and personality type and how interested you are in getting to know that person.

    • yeah, I mean if you just met someone recently (not a friend youve known for a year and decided to date), best to keep it nuetral. I mean, lets say if a guy met you randomly, got your number and in 3 days asked you to go rock climbing, would you?

    • Okay I'll play. If he got my number and it's been 3 days I'm going to assume we've talked, texted, Skyped etc quite a bit and are pretty comfortable with each other to the point where he's asking me to do this crazy awesome date with him and if by rock climbing you mean indoor climbing with an instructor since I've never been b4...yup! lol

    • yea, so I would imagine it depends on the person. some people would want something as casual and detached as possible. but you are right, rock climbing would be more exciting?

  • I think it's an okay place as it doesn't suggest that you have to sit through a long meal, but being 18 I would prefer to go for a drink on a first date, as it's relaxing.


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