Is my ex just rebounding?

So we were together 5 years, he cheated and moved in with the girl he cheated on me with (found out last week) but every few weeks he would text or call me saying he has changed and wants to get back together. We broke up about 2 months ago. So do you think this chick is just a rebound since he keeps coming back to me.

It doesn't make sense to me. Then when I found out he was living with this girl she kept texting me asking if I was still talking to him and she eluded to the fact that they are still together.

Its not that I want to get back with him I am just mad that I am the only one (I feel) that is getting hurt. I want to know if you think that this chick is just a rebound and if you think he will contact me.

She told me when he gets mad, sleepy, drunk or during sex he sometimes calls her my name, is that weird?


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  • I wouldn't call it a rebound, they have been together and living together for over a year, What I do find weird though is that after he cheated on you and is now living with someone else, you still give your ex the access to contact you. Getting cheated on is the most disrespectful thing that could happen to a couple and I wouldn't want to talk or hear from someone that disgusting. If he cheated he took you for granted.

    • They have only been living together for 2 months and they snuck around behind my back for the other 6 months (4 months she dated someone else who knocked her up). I'm just having a hard time getting over all of this. He was blowing up my phone last week until I found out he wasn't single but living with the girl he cheated on me with. (When we first broke up the other girl left him to go back to the guy who knocked her up, she ended up giving the baby up for adoption). I don't know how to let go

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    • True. I cut contact in the beginning and ignored his calls, texts and emails I just caved last week. He can't really be serious about her though if he was still chasing after me though, right? Or am I just delusional?

    • No your right he's not taking her serious, Come on! he didn't take you serious after a 5 year relationship, You Ex might not be ready for a committed relationship.

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  • No, hey, he gets drunk, he's confused about who he is sleeping with. It happens to the best of us.

    Don't give him a thought, that would be the best revenge on him. He isn't your problem now, he is hers.

    • He has been with her for over a year, living with her for the past 2 months (since we broke up). Its really normal for him to call her my name?

      Do you think its just a rebound?

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    • Alcohol affects the memory even when you haven't been drinking in the last 24 hours...

    • I get that bit after his dui in July he hasn't been able to drink. He will automatically go to jail and he doesn't have a license.

      Vocalizing and typing those "qualities" def turned me off of him for a second. Lol

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