She told me she wants me to talk to me every week something new keep it new, should I cut it off?

Well I don't want to be a extra guy to amuse her. She likes to hug and touch. She told me last Sunday she might not be there the next two visits.

I told her last Sunday her about myself and dreams after showing her my movie and show her what I'm doing she cut me off and said no she said she wants me to tell her the next time I show up to keep it going. But I thought she said she might not show up.

I have asked for her number and she really wanted to give it to me but her boss walked in. With her boss there all she could do was shake her head yes next time. She never gave it to me the next time. I missed the next visit. Last visit I showed her my video and wanted to show her more. She wanted to keep it going over a period time and gave me a hug. Does that mean I'm now on the back burner?


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  • I don't understand are you showing some girl a movie you are making while she is at work?

    • yes, she's a nurse in training as a volunteer... She really likes me and is keeping it going... She wanted every visit to be new and exciting it seemed.

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