Guys: How often do you text your crush and can she ever text you too much?

My crush and I both like one another. We text pretty often with both of us initiating an equal amount of times.

Sometimes when I initiate, I feel like I might be annoying? Even though the convo carries on for a while and I know he likes me?

I don't know so I was just wondering, do you like when your crush texts you first? How long will you text the girl you like? (either in time or # of messages) and do you ever get annoyed with her texting you?


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  • i prefer it when they text me but I see what you mean about feeling like you're being annoying. no I would never be annoyed if she texted me alot, now if she is really texting like 24/7 then it mite get a little old. I will text her as much as she wants, or until I think I need to back off. if it gets overwhelming then say something, it won't hurt if you say it nicely

    • Well I'm not obsessive that's for sure. I'd say we take turns texting first. I know I love when he texts me, idc what he says since I like him he prob feels the same I guess? I hope lol

    • yeah your fine, no worries

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