Guys- what would you do if you found out the girl you are seeing was dying

I have an incurable illness similar to cancer and will die from it within the next ten years. I am 20 years old and would love to start dating as I am feeling relatively healthy right now. If I get to the point of dating someone exclusively, I feel like it is the guy's right to know about all that is going on with me health wise. I'm just afraid that no guy will want to become invested in a dying girl.

Guys, please be brutally honest, what would you do if the girl you were dating told you she had an expectancy of, at most, 10 years?


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  • To be honest and not to be cheesy! I would do these things with that kind of girl if I really loved her:

    >Take a crap load of happy pictures of us together

    (Since memories is the only thing that could stay with me after she's gone)

    > Fulfill her bucket list (Don't matter how crazy)

    > Take her to breath taking places

    (Yes even if I have to take out a loan and Yes I will lie just to get it)

    >Last thing is, when her time comes, I'll be there for her so she doesn't get scared or at least reduce it somehow.


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  • it all depends on the guy but you should have high expectations because many guys might freak out but for sure there are others who would accept that and love you more

  • If I really liked her than I would be with her. But don't say it on like the first date.


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