Guys, what are you expecting/wanting when you ask a girl to leave you a voice mail?

This guy I like, well we text and sometimes after he says goodnight he asks me to leave him a goodnight voice mail, but I'm always too I don't know scared to do it.. I don't know what he wants, why, what to say... Ahh, help please guys. Or girls who have experienced such. Please and thank you.(:


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  • all you gotta do is put your sweet ass shy voice on there saying

    "hi (insert name)... I hope you have a good night.. and... ah... umm... I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow or something... buh bye! <3 (sound shy, embarassed, and cute)"

    it doesn't matter what you say at all...

    all he wants is to be able to listen to YOU on the voice mail.

    this includes all your mannerism and personality, including the shy/timid part of you. it's what makes you, YOU.

    he can listen to it when you aren't there, and feel like you're saying that to him when he falls asleep.

    suck it up and do it, and next time you face a similar situation, it'll be easier and easier, and you'll begin to wonder why you were afraid. =D


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  • i would expect her to try to be open to me and tell her problem ...also she should tell something about her health and a little bit of what shez doing right now...for e.g. I'm studying,im going out, I'm cooking ...this much is enough

  • Hey Honey Good Night,Sweet Dream, a lovely hug for you...and ...Ummmmmwahh.


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  • "HI (guy's name), it's (your name). I was just thinking about you. Talk to you soon. G'night." (Short, sweet and to the point. Say it in either a sweet or sexy tone. Practice a few times first to make sure you don't sound like a kid on a sugar high. Think slow, sensual, sexy.

    A friend of mine once said that if she closed her eyes and pictured herself being with the guy for a few minutes first, she'd be relaxed enough to call him and use the calm sensual tone to which I'm referring.


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