Guys how do you handle makeup while kissing ?

There's always the very same question about guys and makeup and all that.

But in a more practical way if your girlfriend is wearing foundation or lipstick, isn't it strange ? You must taste it at some point instead of tasting the girl's skin, right ?

Ever been bothered by it ?


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  • if guys were bothered by it, make up companies would be losing money, and we all know that they wouldn't ever let that happen. lol I think they probably test and produce make up with stuff like that in mind.

    i kinda am bothered by some gloss,(the gooey-ness of freshly applied) but the benefits outweigh the costs, as far as looks, plus sometimes it's yummy tasting.

    not a problem unless you're obsessive complusive


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  • In general, I don't like a girl to wear too much make-up. It's like I'm not kissing her, but some fake skin around her... it feels kind of weird. I prefer girls that wear no to a minimum amount of make-up, and when a girl wears a lot of make-up it just kind of turns me off... even if it makes her look really hot... it's just not my thing.

  • no I don't bothered..even when I kiss my wife to her lips...initialy I taste lipstick for a min.then its gone and I got real taste of her lips.woww,it is really tasty.and about skin,same thing is happening.have you enjoyed kissing to your boyfriend lips or neck

  • I usually chew gum while making out

    It makes it so I can't really taste anything else

    But I can still feel every wonderful second

    Fun Fact:

    Chewing mint-flavored gum while making out makes your tongue taste sweet to your partner


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