Am I overreacting? I don't know what went wrong

so I was dating this guy, things were amazing. I know he is super busy with two jobs, school and he is getting signed with his music, a week went bye and I didn't get to see him. I was so mad and then he just shows up to my job and introduces himself to my boss and makes plans with me the next night to hang out because it was my last night before I went to school. He never texted me about plans the next day, I got a little drunk and texted him "thanks for coming" and "you suck" but he never answered. Now three days have gone by without a word from him (which never happens) so I just assumed things were over and couldn't stand how much I looked at his fb so I deleted him and his number so I wouldn't drunk text him at school, the other night he called and I didn't have his number so I texted the number and said who is this when he told me it was him I said what do you want and he never answer. I don't know I'm just so upset I know he had feelings for me but I don't understand what happened, or if I'm over reacting?


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  • Just off a text saying "look I don't know what's going on I thought things were going great between us and then you kinda just disappeard on me. like what's the deal? do you actually like me or what?"


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  • No you are not overreacting... If he wanted to hang out with you then he would have hanged out with you... There is no other way around... But ask them what happened, it better be a good excuse


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  • he sounds mentally ill. keep away from this guy and don't answer any more texts!

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