Should I meet him while he's in town? anyone ever been in a situation like this?

So about a month ago I met this guy on a game playing website (basically you can chat, just play your game with other people, or well have 'fool around'). Well him and I have fooled around a few times now and for the past like 2 weeks we talk like everyday on IM. He is definitely more experienced than I am, he has had a few ex girlfriends as to where I have never even had my first kiss (I'm 22 and he's 23). The thing is no one really knows (family and my friends) that I do talk with guys on the internet. I know it is my life but I live at home and I value my family's opinion and they would not like it if I were to meet this guy. I have met many meany guys online but never arranged to meet them in person. But this current guy I am talking to we just click and tomorrow he will be maybe one or 2 hrs away from where I am and he said he would love to meet me, for coffee or whatever. I have told him my concerns about meeting someone that I have met online, and he understands if I say no. He will be in the area for a few days and then he goes back down south. My problem is that I have fooled around with him online before, yet in person I have never even done anything with a guy. He says he wants to know the real me not the girl he met that he fools around with. I don't know what to do or what to think. Any advice?


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  • Take a friend along with you if you're nervous about meeting a new person in person. I'd have reservations as well, of course. It's only natural, given all the things you read about in the news...

    • Yea I think that is why I haven't given him a definite answer. I've watched the shows like to catch a predator and heard stuff on the news...I do not want to be one of those girls. And I know you just can't trust everything someone says online. Just from him being online almost every day with me and just talking he seems like a great guy that I could get along with. I kind of just want to tell him you know it is just too soon for me to meet you, maybe next time. What if I were to talk to him

    • more and then possibly after a few more months say around like Christmas time?

    • It's really up to you and your comfort zone. :-)

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  • stranger danger for sure... especially if you've never kissed anyone before.

    this guy could be completely fooling you about himself (physically, about his intentions)and be wanting to take advantage

    • I know that is why I haven't said yes I will meet you.

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