What are sure signs that a guy wants to commit?

We are "casual dating". We see each other like once a week (sometimes more, sometimes we skip a week - because both of us are too busy).

We talk everyday as friends and as flirts (skyping or texting - or live).

This lasts for at least 2 months now but, before that, we already talked a lot, flirted a bit and had kissed a few times (we've known each other for 2 years, from the time we worked together).

Before we started casual dating (2 months ago) he said he was not looking for a relationship. I believe him. But today he said he's not afraid of commitment. Would he say that to me if he wouldn't like to try it with me?

Is there anything that he does that caould possibly give a hint that he changed is mind? I know this is unlikely, though.

PS: If it matters, I took things slowly in terms of skin-to-skin action and so far we only went all the way once, the last time we were together.
When he said today he's not afraid of commitment he said it in general, not reffering to me in particular.

2 months ago he said he didn't want a serious relationship talking specifically about us.

Does this mean he changed is mind or that he does want to commit eventually but not with me.


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  • The fact that he told you should mean everything... Go for it!

    • But only 2 months ago he was saying he didn't want to commit.

      Now he says he's not afraid of commitment.

      The other possibilty in my head is: he's not afraid of commitment, he just doesn't want to commit with me in particular...

  • Offer a relationship, he seems interested.

    • even if he said before he didn't want a relationship with me? just to "have fun"?

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