What to do when a girl ignores your texts?

so I like this friend in girl, we had a misunderstanding before but we've cooled down now. After no contact period she showed me much interest than before but now I think she is ignoring me like I watsapped her '' heys'' then also she read it but no reply... what to do? Please help me guys...girls your opinions are most welcome.. thanks


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  • well just chill for now,we all know when someone is interested they respond eventually..have you tried calling her? If not,do that , some people still hate just texting as a way of communication,maybe she is one of those people,so call her up if she answers,great,if she doesn't return your call...forget her.plain and simple


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  • I think she may still be upset with you, or not interested in you.For the most part I agree with QueenBeatris. So dnt trip, just call her if no answer try one more time after a while dnt call back to back. If no answer or return call or text rm her. Drop her since she isn't interested


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