All the guys I like end up liking my best friend. What do I do?

every time I like someone they end up liking my best friend. She's really pretty ( I'm pretty too but just normal pretty) and she's got an amazing personality she's nice and caring and I'm spoiled and often tend to get mean. I also don't pay attention to anyone that much. And if I don't like someone I just plainly say it to their face. You could say I uhh am very blunt. It just hurts whenever the guy I like, likes her. What do I do to make them like me and not her? P.s I am not going to act fake.


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  • It can be hard to get a guys attention when there's a caring, pretty, social girl sitting next to you doing all the talking. I would try to talk to your friend about it, ask her if she can tone it down a little when you're around someone you like. Also, start more conversations and try to stay on positive topics. Example, don't talk about how you hate such and such a class, talk about how you love another one. If you're doing most of the talking it's hard for someone to look the other way. (obviously let the guy talk too, don't just blab on, make sure he's talking to you)


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  • dont act spoilt and try not to be mean. I think you answered your question.


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  • i had the same problem like you.. my best friend is very beautiful and with her guys didn't even notice me, and this who I liked , liked her, - I know it sucks.

    I started going out without her sometimes and when she wans't near me .. I discovered that guys can like me also. And I met great boy.

    Maybe when you meet any boy you like don't introduce him to your friend? and try spending time without her ?

    Also ,when you like any boy , you can tell her about it , and if she's so amazing she may help you get his attention

    good luck;)


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