Is it normal for a guy and a girl to argue a lot and get mad and make up?

Its a neverending cycle. We both get along great but its like we know each other so well, that when we get annoyed at something the other say, we'll push a "button" om purpose and get the other riled up. We get along, argue about something stupid, stay irritated at each other then make up a few days later. People say we argue like an old married couple (I can see why, we do know each other body language and verbal cues very well that we are not able to fool each other) but, is this normal? I really can't see myself arguing with anybody else (and I don't, I actually get along with everybody, except her) what is going on?


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  • Is it normal? Yes, relatively. Is it healthy? No. Many couples go through this vicious cycle, but most end up divorced/broken up or incredibly unhappy. It should be a big sign to you that you can get along with pretty much anyone but your significant other. Sure, every couple argues every now and then, but if you do more arguing then you do laughing or even talking things through. In all honest, I'd advise you to leave or get couples counseling, which you choose will depend on, with all due respect, how dedicated to the relationship you are. I wish you luck!


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