To Hold On OR To Let Go?

So, I just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years about 2 months ago and just cannot make up my mind whether or not to try and work things out with him or not. As of right now he has moved out of my apartment and we are still talking everyday and hangout once in a while. He wants to work things out and eventually move back in with me, but I'm not too sure that is a good idea. So...Let me break it down and give my reasons behind breaking up with him in the first place. (1) Disrespects me in front of family and friends to be funny (2) Expects me to pay for everything when we go out to bars (3) Did not help me clean (dishes, vacuum, laundry etc.) (4) Slept in a separate bed and room for 5 months due to a new pet (5) Stopped trying to have relations with me and would tell me "maybe another night" when I would try and initiate sex. Now, I mind you when we moved in together after a year into the relationship, that is when things started to go down hill. So, I need some womanly advise. Should I stay single and try and work on things with him slowly, now that he and I do not live together? Or should I say goodbye and move on? This is all just so hard. I love his family very much and in the past was planning our future together. I feel like he completely gave up on our relationship and now that I am not his, he wants me back. If anyone has any tips or advise I would appreciate it :)


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  • Wow. A guy says no to sex and its a problem for the girl. You know how much we get shot down? And don't turn it into an excuse to break up?

    anyway its hard to give an opinion without more detail. If the sleeping in different areas was due to your not liking the pet. That is more your problem. If not...? does he pay a fair share of other qctivities? Sometimes I will not pay for things because I pay for other things: ie. Ill let her pay for food or drinks since I pay the cable bill. Or the gas for our boating adventures/etc.

    Basically if their is equality in the spending..

    I do the same thing with dishes/cleaning. I do all the laundry cleaning here and there but since I am paying for most of our luxuries I feel it is acceptable.

    • He choose to sleep in a different room and bed so he could train the pet. But I had no problem with the pet. And he would pay for half of the groceries once in a while and pay for half of the bills, but never paid for dinner or drinks, but would pay on Valentine's day or some special occasion. I agree that there needs to be 50/50 when it comes to spending money in a relationship. I dished out more money and had no help with the cleaning.

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  • I don't know, but personally I wouldn't break up with a guy cause he wants a break or he's tired and doesn't want to have sex with me...maybe you just need time to think if you're breaking up with him for the right reasons...

  • From what you are saying seems that your boyfriend is that interested in making your relationship work. Which is why you should let him go.


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