Is the sign of girl being nervous during first conversation?

i asked this girl her name but she took a while to ask my name back,and in the middle of face to face conversation she diverted her attention to something though she still was listening to me,the conversation started awkwardly and it was going normal and again went awkward again at the end so I had to say bye to her


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  • I use to be like that with this one guy , But not as bad as her that I couldn't form my name . I would get so nervous when talking to him because I liked him . But now that's gone , I'm use to him now . We play and tease each other all the time , I miss my buddy so much. Once she gets use to you it will get better.

    • I am one of those guys who can't understand that the girl talking to me wants to hug her,my ex had to grab me for a hug by herself even after ending up being alone with only us

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  • Yes, it's pretty clear that she was feeling nervous or shy.

    • what might be the reason for it ?I saw her talking to other guys in friendly way

    • That's not really something we could know, like for example it could be something as random as her being on her period when we all feel really nervous and self-conscious.

      It could be that she likes you and is nervous talking to you for that reason.

      Kinda not possible for us to know the reason why, unfortunately.

    • I said one of those "hi" which you can barely hear as she looked away after making a eye contact and surpsiingly she said hi back and I asked abot and then her name and she told it and she didn't ask my name back,so I felt she isn't intrested and I was leaving and then she asked my name and then the conv was going friendly and she diverts her attention to something still listening to me,I must admit I am poor at understanding girls actions

  • Maybe because she's too young for you.

    • that doesn't make sense ,I am 25 and she is 22 and I saw her having conversation with guys older than me

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  • Does she sit like this? link

    • she was standing

    • Ok Captain Obvious, you missed my point lol.

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