Guy cancels dates for work three times in two months?

There is this guy I have been dating for two months.

He does shift work and I do the normal 9 to 5 job. It makes it hard sometimes when he works nights.

Recently he got recommended for a promotion and has been working as much as he can to get it. However he has cancelled at least three dates on me because of this.

The first two times were okay. The third really got on my nerves. I did not show it though. Just showed my support and told him I thought it was good he was grabbing onto the opportunity. However when he replied back to my message after he cancelled our last date I did not respond. Was to annoyed too. Reckon he would have picked up on that?

Still feeling pretty bothered by it all because we have only been seeing each other one day a week as it is. He does ring and message me though every couple of days. I was fine with that. Although 2 days a week would have been good I was fine with it. Just him canceling annoys me. Still pretty angry about it.

Reckon it is worth giving this guy another chance?

Decided not to think about him for now and if he does want to see me again he will make it happen. Reckon that is a good way to go about it? Do you think he will end up contacting me again if I don't?

It is hard because I really like the guy but don't want to be led on if he is not looking for anything serious.

He says that he wants to give it a go and has not said anything about not wanting a serious relationship and nothing about wanting just sex. I asked him if this was just a one night stand and he said no. He also was saying he wanted to give it a go.

Now. Having second thoughts... Just hate being cancelled on.


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  • Drop the drama and manipulation - there's no time for this when he's working his a$$ off to be with you and be worthy of you.

    Direct your time, energy & thoughts toward how to get together between work shifts, even if only for coffee, texting, phone, etc. Keep in touch, keep that carrot hanging out there forget the whip.

    Such an ambitious guy need a helper, not a critic. If he appreciates you, your gold will come soon enough.

    • I have not been dramatic. I have sounded like it though in this rant. I just don't wanna be taken for granted. If he messages again I will be more talkative. Just hope I have not blown it by not responding to him last night. Did once and did say I wanted to see him again next time he was free and he wanted to see me again as well. Have been very understanding also. Like I said before. Just don't wanna be taken for granted.

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    • I don't have a car so it would be hard to do that. He does though. Just hope he is not stringing me along. Is two months too soon to be wondering if he sees me more then just a date? I thought after 3 months would be more acceptable. Just confused cause I don't see myself doing anything wrong here.

    • Think about working long hours, two jobs yourself ... = need some care from someone supportive? What kind of attention would give such a caregiver? Just putting you in his place and assuming he's a truth teller until proven otherwise.

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  • settle your priorities, if what you want out of the relationship is for it to last for the rest of your life or equalent then bite the bullet, you could test him by not contacting at the risk of lost opeturnity, I think I'd like a call

    • I don't want out. Just don't wanna be taken for granted. It does hurt when he cancels though. Am supportive of what he does and have never been critical or manipulative. It is just hard to be there for him if I don't see him much and hope I have not blown it by not responding to his last text.

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  • to need to tell him your feelings. tell him that being cancelled on for the third time really upset you. Don't try to make plans anymore after this. its his turn to do that

    • Oh I did not make any plans with him. Just letting him do his own thing. Hopefully he misses my attention and wonders what is going on with me...

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