Calling her out for her texting

I've known a girl for a couple months. I told her I liked her. She went out of town, so we only texted for about a month. Her replies could, at times, take up to 3 days (and, a couple times, none at all). I wasn't sure if she was truly interested, so I didn't mind it too much, until we went out on a couple dates. On the first date, she mentioned how she felt bad about taking so long to text me and that she only did this to me. She also said she'd be better about it.

Last weekend, we held hands and kissed, and we pretty much agreed to see each other next weekend. I got the impression she digs me.

She texted me yesterday. I texted back a couple hours later. She hasn't texted back 24 hours later.

I'm going to call her soon. And I feel like I have to bring up this texting issue. Agreed?


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  • How old is this lady? Can't believe this is even a discussion.


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