Boyfriend left to college... and I'm stuck here?

My boyfriend graduated to college last year, and I was a freshmen, so I'm still here with three years to go. I honestly thought it wouldn't be that bad because he said we would FaceTime and email and all that. But today was the first day of school and I walked in and I was so used to seeing him there... I started tearing in front of everyone! I feel like I'm being a little pathetic and that I have to grow up. He's in California (I live in NY) so it's not like I can see him that often. But I miss him so much I don't know what to do! I called him just now, but he's probably in class or something. Anyone else been in this kind of situation? How did you deal with it because I have no idea how I'm going to get through this year!


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  • It's going to hurt for a bit. Then you'll get used to it, be strong as ever, find ways to make a long-distance relationship last, and try to stay happy. Nothing else I can say.


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  • That's only a tiny inconvenient caused by dating out of your league.


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