It's Been Awhile Since I've Had A Boyfriend.

It's been about two years since I actually had a boyfriend, and in that time I've only gone on about five or six dates. I'm ready to try and have a boyfriend again, but I feel so... out of the game, I guess. Also I need some ideas on how to meet some guys.

I guess I could ask a friend to set me up and help me meet some people, but I'm just not sure.

So girls, how do you usually meet your boyfriend?

Guys, what do you want in a potential girlfriend?

What first attracts you to a girl to the point where you want to ask her out.


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  • A cute face and nice body

    Because it's impossible to tell if a girl has a nice personality just by looking at her

    If I can work up the courage then I'll strike up a conversation

    And if I find her interesting afterward I'll ask her out

    The rest is up to how the first date goes

    • Well check out my profile and my pictures. Do I have enough to attract a guy at first sight?

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    • ah, yeah, I thought I put another picture up that had that, I guess it didn't save. Give me a minute.

    • okay, now it's up, I made sure. ;)

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