Does this guy like me?

He works at Starbucks and I stop there often. About a month ago we where talking and we discovered we are at the same university. I told him that I was tired of the going to the same places and he told me to meet him at a different library and then we would go have coffee. I met him at the library and he was jittery and nervous, but we hugged as he left. Now he winks and smiles at me while I am in line at Starbucks. Also, he sometimes blocks the other barista from talking to me. I ask he how he is doing and he let's me know and then sometimes asks me about my day, but not always. Is he into me or am I just getting creeped out for nothing.


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  • 1)why would you be creeped out because a dude liked you? He's not stalking you, he is being nice! 2)no, he doesn't like you. If he did, he would not let opportunities to talk to you pass. He might have liked you, but he is just being nice now.

  • Maybe.


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