Cancels date but keeps in touch- why?

A few days ago a guy I met the week before asked to reschedule our date tonight. He hasn't brought up when he'd like to go out or see me next, but will randomly text me. I have since stopped initiating texting since he cancelled our date...but why is he still keeping to touch and texting, but not asking me out again?


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  • maybe he doesn't know when he will be available so he doesn't want to make a set date until he is positive. The fact that he is still messaging you trying to talk means he probably genuinly could not make the date and wants to still go on one

    • I see that. He definitely seems laid back about dating. I had a friend visiting so he was cool with us putting off that date until this week. And he's been a total gentleman so far, paid for everything, and hasn't gotten pushy or handsy-. His reason for canceling was legit and he was open about it. I guess I should give it time- but I won't be patient too long ;)

    • haha sounds good :) have fun!

  • He might be texting you because he's bored and not really interested in pursuing you?