Well I broked up with my girl but I can't get her out of my mind. What should I do?

she is not answer her phone :( and three weeks before that she moved to the UK :( :( ;(
but I really want to talk to her also before that I try to text her and she said se didn't know who I was that she had no idea that I was her boyfriend that why i
i dumped her cause she said that she had no idea who I was I went to her house and she still didn't know


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  • You broke up with her, ofcourse she's upset and doesn't wanna talk to you! Give her some time, don't stalk her, call/text/message/look for her/visit her, just leave her alone for a couple of days. Give her some time and space to think and to sort out her feelings. After those days you could text her telling her you wanna meet up or call her to talk to her. If she refuses, respect her decision.

    • i dumped because I wen to her house and text and she had no idea who iwas

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    • It's not because some girl called you a hot sexy beast that you're dating... Sure you talked to the right girl? Can't be that you are actually dating someone and she forgets who you are, unless she had an accident. Maybe it's just a girl you met, she called you that and now you think you're dating?

    • wow you were right thx so much


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  • ugh, you guys! my ex just did that to me and he expects me to say hi to him when I see him around or text him. now he's like he wants me back and can't get me off of his mind! you guys are all the same! I think you should think things through and when you know what to do, go ahead and follow your gut. I mean I would get back with my ex but not right now. maybe in the future. or take it slow

  • Yeah the fact that you broke up with her might have something to do with it

  • What do you expect? Of course she isn't gonna answer your calls, you dumped her!

    • Maybe she's trying to forget you because she's hurt? Why'd you dump her in the first place?

    • becuase I text he and she said that she has no idea who iwas and to stop txt

    • That's weird. Does she have amnesia or something? Lol

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