What do the different types of kisses mean to you?

What do these different types of kisses mean to you:

Kiss on the hand?

Forhead kiss?

Kiss on the cheek?

A quick peck on the lips?

A long'ish(about 20-30 seconds or longer) kiss on the lips?

A french kiss?

Making out?

Guys and girls, what do they mean to you when you do them or recieve them?


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  • 1.nothing

    2.means he cares

    3.means she's not sure are still thinking

    4.Wants to try it but still isn't sure about it

    5.means he likes u

    6.wants to go furthur

    7.he went furthur

    • On 3 , do you mean she isn't sure about being with him? or is still nervous about kissing him? and on 4, do you mean he isn't sure about being with her? or still a little afriad/nervous to kiss her?

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    • Ok, thanks. I just wanted to make sure I was right about what you meant. lol

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