I don't feel very attractive and I feel like I won't ever get a attractive friend/girlfriend..?

im a 16year old boy in the 10th grade (just started 10th) with soft medium-short black hair, half Asian and half American (but my skins white, lol no tan..). I wear glasses (normal ones.. I wanna buy nicer ones soon tho..) and I like to wear a lot of branded clothing. (clothes that you would normally see at hip hop dance places, famous cities like vancouver, and sites like karmaloop.com )

I've never had a girlfriend before and honestly I'm not sure if I will ever get one because I've never really had any girls become pretty close to me as a friend.

Although, over the past few years I've had some girls say hi to me in the halls and I've had like 2-3 girls that I didn't even know come up to me randomly to ask what my name was, and I've had like one girl ask me if she could touch my hair. She says she's been wanting to touch it for over a year and she said my hair was really soft after touching it...

I've also even had some random girl (she was in only one of my classes and is one year older than me) come up to me from behind and wrap her arms around my neck while telling me that she thinks I'm cute. She even said that she thought I was cute a few times but it was loud in the halls and I wasn't really thinking about anything cause I was so hungry while I was walking to lunch so unfortunately I didn't say anything.. (I bet she was just dared to do that or was lying :/..)

And also, today I tried looking at a girl who I found attractive straight in the eye every so often during class from across the room and I think I actually saw her eye meet mine and she also smiled a little after a few times of that happening, I wanted to smile too but I held it in because I wasn't sure if she was even looking at me and not some other guy in the middle :/..

I really want an attractive friend who is a girl (maybe even turn it from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend in the future) but right now I just don't feel like that kind of guy that would approach... I really want them to come to me instead... I'm not really shy as I used to be, but how I view girls right now is if I get one then great! :D... and if I don't then I guess oh well because I've always got some good guy friends and my love for cars.. but ugh, I really wish girls would talk to me.. I feel like I've got this big emptiness just wanting to be filled..

Because of the lack of interaction with girls it does actually make me feel ugly sometimes.. (like right now :/)
@1MickeyD15 lol the if your cute now then you will get uglier over the years kinda scares me..

but actually.. back then I think I looked a lot worse... I combed my hair to one side so my bangs made this weird "nerdy" looking arch, didn't shower everyday, wore very basic clothes, etc but then my older cousin from vancouver made a influence on me and helped me out a lot with my style.. then that's when I did something about my hygene and clothing...

3-4years ago was when I made the change :D..
so maybe I'm on the ugly - cute side? hahaha
@1MickeyD15 lol I'm not sure about the them thinking I already have a girlfriend part.. It just seems too good to be true..

and I don't really hang around with any girls (cause like none hang with me lol) so I'm not sure if that would really be the case.. xD


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  • I can not tell you if those girls really like you but I know how you feel. I also just started 10th grade and I do not see my self as an attractive person and I am shy. I do not have really have any guy friends I have like 2 which one of them I really like. The thing is that you may or may not be attractive but if you just are a nice person and funny girls love funny guys then you will be fine people always get cuter over the years unless your cute now then you will get uglier ( if that's even a word) over the years. Just know that you will find somebody and if you don't now then that means that there is someone out there for you, you just haven't met them yet. If you think that you are unattractive and do not make yourself look nice then other people will just look right through and they will not give you the chance that you deserve. Just keep you help up someone will come along for you. :)


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  • See you are already doing better. I'm glad I made you laugh. Hopefully you are on the ugly - cute side. You will find somebody I can't tell you when but you will. That was nice of your cousin to help you out. Just don't worry they might not be hovering around you because they think you already have a girlfriend.

    • It won't let me post anymore but um girls will be girls sometimes we think guys are cute but we don't actually like them. And maybe if a girl likes you then she could be too shy to say something or maybe she wants you to say something first. As for trying to find someone maybe listen to conversation that kids in your classes are saying ( I'm not saying easedrop in every conversation but listen in ) and try to find something in common and just go into the conversation. All you need is 30 seconds o

    • Of courage

  • Things might change in the next 4 years, keep your eyes and ears open.

    The best thing to do is not pressure yourself into having girlfriends.

    Try to make friends with the guys who hang out with the girls...even gay guys because they know all the girls.

  • Don't feel that way. You should have self confidence.

  • you will be fine. by the way even with Asian and white you can still tell you have Asian in you since its the darker of the two and the features are more dominant. just work on your self esteem first than talk to girls. all you need to do is make them laugh


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