How do you know if you are dating material?

"I don't get out much, well at all really just curious because this thought keeps crossing my mind from time to time, how do you know if you are dating material?"


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  • Anyone can be dating material. You just have to find someone who considers you to be. Obviously there will always be people who will consider you to be and those who will be like meh.


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  • Get out more and you will grow confident that you are dating material. :)

    • where do I get out to ? does college count? I've been here for already like a semester and a quarter don't think any body even notices me haha

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    • yeah I am clueless, room to grow? I don't think I am following

    • oh I see where you are getting at yeah I don't fit that category, so I am not dating meterial, alright thanks for the answer, take care.

  • Everyone is dating material!


What Guys Said 2

  • If you get a good sense of how others view you, and you try to live well, and be a person you'd want to date, and you have a decent amount of self esteem, and are fairly honest with yourself, I think that's how it happens.

    Now, as far as how most people view me, I am definitely NOT dating material. I'm seen as worthless to a majority of girls. But I know myself; I've got it where it should count. While I may not have the coolest "stuff" (due to financial issues), I'm a great guy - if any girls actually bothered to try and get to know me without JUST looking at the surface, they'd probably get to see it, too.

    Out of the few romantic dates I've gotten, most have turned into relationships. So, I AM dating material, and I'm aware that I make a pretty darn good boyfriend.

    • cool, you've got dates, I can't even get more then a ten second fate stare from the majority of the people I ever met ha ha but yes good advice I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the feedback.

    • Well, dates in a plural sense, yes. I've had "dates" (two girlfriends) that lasted less than 3 months each (And about two dates that weren't interested in me) - but that in the years I've been allowed to date, I've got little to brag about.

      In my life, a 10 second glare / stare would actually be considered a "kind" rejection.

      It's one of those things that sound like a platitude at first, but... you have to find the way to do this, and then it tends to make more sense.

      Best wishes.

    • alright well, thanks for the advice anyway.

  • everyone is datable within our group - otherwise all the less pretty and / or uninteresting people would have surely been extinct by now

    • true, however I've been told otherwise by family and friends alike, why is that?

    • probably behavior. they would not have had the heart to tell you if it were due to looks

    • yeah maybe, thanks for the advice

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