Weird first kiss. Should I send this text?

The other night I had my first kiss(: I had the girl over that I like. She is 16 as am I. She is very quiet and doesn't show her emotions that much. We were cuddling on my bed watching TV and I asked her if she still like me. She said she did around a month ago. She said she did but doesn't want a relationship. because of her mom. I dated her 2 years ago but didn't see her once because her mom didn't like me. But our families are really good friends now and her mom loves me like a son. In told her I thought about how we used to date all the time. And told her I wished I kissed her when we dated. She looked me in the eyes but didn't move in or anything. I asked if I could kiss her. I know your not supposed to but she is shy/ quiet and we were both lip virgins. She said her breath was bad so she said she would brush her teeth and she wanted to kiss me. We brushed out teeth cuddled for like 5 minutes and I went in for the kiss. We were both pretty bad but we liked it and tried different kissing positions and after 10 minutes were were making out on my bed. We french kissed and I put my hand under the back of her shirt. Our parents got home from the gym and we just went back to tv. Both parents think were like best friends. She left, and today at school we didn't talk much as we only have 2 classes together music and gum and at the end of gym I said I wanted to talk to her. We had small talk and lots of smiles during classes. She said she needed to see a teacher and rushed away real fast. I don't know is she is blowing me off or not. We usually don't talk a whole lot at school but this is bothering me a lot. I really like her and really want to date her. I won't see her until Monday so I'm thinking of sending this text. "I probably won't see you until Monday. I wanted to let you know that I really like you(: And I don't like it when we don't talk much at school. I over think many things, but it makes me think that you regret kissing even though you may not. I don't regret anything, and I know you don't want to date because of your mom. Do what you want, not what others tell you. Your mom really likes me. I'm not asking you out. But I'm asking you on a date. I want you to be 100% honest about things. I just want to know if you regret kissing me? I don't(: But I feel like I may have pressured you into it, and I hope I didn't. And second I want to bring you to the movies or somewhere fun sometime soon(: This probably sounds like I'm needy, paranoid, and extremely emotional. But I am not afraid to show my emotions, and guys are just paranoid. It's something in us. I really like you, and last night I was happier than I've ever been before(: I just felt like I needed to send this?" If you got this far should I? And thank you for reading
Also do you think that was too awkard of a first kiss?


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  • You sound like a really nice guy. Maybe she's just shy, but loved the kiss but doesn't know how to show it. Maybe she thinks she kisses weird, I don't know! But don't be afraid to ask her. :)

    I would text that message. I think she'll think it's very sweet. (I would think that if I got a text like that)


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  • I wouldn't say all the other stuff. Don't ask her about was her first kiss...YAY for you guys...that is not regretful.

    Just ask her out to the movies...

  • I don't think you have anything to worry about honestly. She made out with you. That has to say something.

    I'm a shy girl too and I know that when I start to get close to a guy, I sometimes end up pulling away because it's scary. She's just nervous around you because you guys kissed each other. That's all. You just need to let her know she can be comfortable with you. Make her laugh, be sweet to her, and just show her you can make a great boyfriend. She will come around if she truly likes you. And I think she does.

    I would say to just text her for fun, not a long text explaining how you feel. That will make you sound needy and you may not have anything to worry about. Just say "whatcha doin" or "hey" or however you start a conversation and go from there. You could even ask her if she wants to hang out this weekend.

    I think you're panicking over nothing. You and her are just fine.

    • That is so true! But she is probably just nervous. I know I get nervous around guys I like. And heck I'm 18! It happens. But don't text her saying all that. It could be a little bit over done. But just text her like you would on a normal day start using lots of smiley faces and just make her laugh shell get use to it. And if she does like you then tell her to talk to her mom about it. It won't hut to try.

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    • The best thing you can do right now is be patient with her. If it was me, I'd need time to think. The best thing you can do is keep hanging out with her as a friend. I know it's hard because you really like her, but it will help her see that things would work.

      The thing about shy girls is we're scared of so many things. We need patient guys, especially at the beginning. And remember that the best relationships start from friendships. Be a great friend to her and I think she'll come around.

    • Thank you anon!(:

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  • Be smart don't text


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