Guys, which girl would you choose to date?

Girl A-

-Mostly friendly

-Not the best body kinda bigger and a little flat chested and in the butt

-Red hair, freckles, clear blue eyes

-Follows you around and gives tons of attention

-Gets in between you when you try to talk to other girls not aggressively but weasels in to cut her off

-You just met her 3 weeks ago

Girl B-

-Mostly Friendly

-Great Body, the works

-Blonde hair, fair skinned, silver-blue eyes

-Invites you to do things but doesn't get upset when you say no

-Has great conversations with you but leaves when Girl A comes in

-Known her for 4-5months but just recently became friends.

I'm planning on telling this guy how I'm really into him but I want others opinions on who they would pick so I can go in prepared for which ever answer he gives. I'm going to tell him no matter which is picked here.

Let me clarify both girls are "pretty" B just has a more appealing body type (ie thin with boobs and an ass) while A is more average with no curves.
I told him how I felt and he said he felt the same way but wasn't sure if we should take things further. That was about a week ago and we've kind of talked since then but neither of us have said anything else. I don't want to come of desperate or clingy, but I want him to know I'm here.


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  • I'm guessing that you're Girl B by the "objective" description ;)

    • What do you mean? Anyways out of all the girls I know including myself, we are usually way more critical of how our own bodies look rather than others.

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    • Which is why I'm just going to tell how I feel and let him do as he pleases with the information before I become too emotionally invested but can still remain friends instead of waiting around for something that might not happen.

    • Good plan! It's hard to guess what someone thinks/feels.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Girl B. I want someone whos in good shape..and I'm not attracted to red heads.

  • Neither, I'm too busy trying to juggle my gloves :D

  • girl b seems a lot more laid back so I guess it would be that one, the hot body helps also

  • the promiscuous one LOL


What Girls Said 1

  • Most guys would choose girl B even tho not every girl looks like either one of these girls

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