Can a wild man be tamed?

I'm dating someone that used to be the clubbing type. He used to go out and have sex with who ever when ever. Can someone like this really settle down? All I can think of is the mans had every flavor and he knows what he likes. I doubt I'm that "flavor". I'm 6 years younger and much much less experienced. He once told me never underestimate the power of the strange. He also says that he wouldn't do it because he wouldn't want to hurt me. I really like him and want to believe him but in the back of my mind I feel so insignificant in his collection of notches. So can a man go from a life of regular random promiscuous sex to a life with one mate?


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  • YEs man can totally go from promiscuous to settle if he's actually in love...but you shouldn't ever think that you can tame him or that you can willingly make that happen..You can date him and hope...but that's about it...


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