Should a girl hang around with a guy alone who she knows just for few days?

I am a normal 21 year old Indian girl and I come from a normal conservative Indian family. I also have a boyfriend since 5yrs.

i met a guy in my class a few days back and I think the guy is very generous but we don't know each other well but we do not anyone else to hang around with. so is it alright for both of us to hang out just with each other? will this leave a negative or an inappropriate image of me on my boyfriend or my other friends or that guy? please reply as soon as possible...


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  • I don't think it's a good idea. Guys very rarely want to hang out with a girl one-on-one with friendship in mind. Even if that's his point at the start, he'll want more after a while.

    So with that in mind, I wouldn't like it if my (hypothetical) girlfriend hung out with a guy she met long after me one-on-one, not at all. I would never forbid her to do so, but I would let her know I don't like it. And so I wouldn't hang out one-on-one with a girl I met after her either.

    The only situations where I would be okay with her doing that, is if she was close friends with him for a long time before we met; he's gay; or they decided to hang out with a group and the rest cancelled at the last minute.

    • if my boyfriend is OK with it? then?

    • If he's okay with it then I guess so.

    • if I talk to the guy who I want to hangout with... about the matter directly?

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  • can we b frend?


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  • He's not asking you to be friends.

    • sorry I dint understand what you are trying to say?

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