Did I get played?

ok so there is this guy at my high school that I had class with and we exchanged numbers and he is a junior. his girlfriend just broke up with him like 3 weeks before we starting texting.i had just broken up with my boyfriend . he was all flirty and he told me that he liked me and we went out a couple of times then he told me that he wasn't ready for a relationship yet and then things became awkward between us and he didn't text or call as often. I can't figure out what his deal is...the texting is idle chit chat with him saying he misses talking to me..did he just loose interest in me or what? I hate the games but I don't know what to do at this point but to distance myself from him then out of the blue I get a text from him..whats his deal? and I'm on his top friends on his myspace. totally confused

so last night I'm on myspace and he's sending comments to a close girlfriend of mine. I couldn't believe it and so I took him off of my top friends and now he texting me asking me if I'm ok...i'm not even going to respond...is that the right thing to do?


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  • You know the guy did end a relationship recent to your texting...I wouldn't say you got played..I would say he probably likes you but maybe he also has feeling or his ex or issues with his ex and he...can't handle another relationship right now. Maybe he wants to date around somemore...i guess you would have to respect that. He also has to respect you and how you feel...so you should be maybe upfront with heim next time you talk and tell him how you feel,...that he wants to flirt without commitment and play games but your not in the mood for that...

    Well that's my opinion

    • Thanks for the advice. I'm thinking that maybe I should just give him some distance to see what he decides.

    • Good choice...wait it out a bit and see what happens

    • NO that's not the right thing to do...remember to make adult decisions.........if he's messaging yyour friends in a flirting way then he's not into you but if he just left her a regular comment.........then why the reaction...it just shows him that ur into him but he's not giving you back the same response...soo respond to his text message and tell him you fine and if ur not fine then tell him how you feel

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  • I don't think he played you, unless you gave up sex or sexual stuff. He probably just lost interest, or you didn't click like he thought you would, or you just weren't his type. Don't take it personally hun. There are going to be many guys that you meet and it won't work out with. The key is to not let it bother you or take it personal and move on and just realize that he's not the one.


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