Should I believe him and stick through this?

I've been on and off with this guy for a while now. He liked me when I didn't like him, I liked him when he didn't like me, that kinda confusing deal. I recently started talking again, and I like him, and it was obvious he was too. He sent me things such as, "you're my love, forever." "xoxo" and the next day his recent ex girlfriend asked about him and I, and he said he never liked me. So, ya know. I was angry, so I texted him asking about it, he sent me, " I mean, I liked you before, but I see you as a friend, we just need to hang out more, I mean I only told her that because she wouldn't stfu." and I'm like, oh okay. But in person he is so different, he's so sweet and wants me to sit with him and talk with him and stuff. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. WHY IS IT SO COMPLICATED! should I believe him and stick through this?


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  • Well he is still with the ex girlfriend.Or it sounds like it to me.I think you should date around and enjoy being young because when you get older.Then start to settle.

    Your friend hoodratsk8r


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