Is he truly into me?

I met this guy online. when we first started talking we stayed on the phone for hours. I allowed him to take me out on a date for my birthday. I assumed we enjoyed ourselves (we did have sex). Then the communication began to change. we stop talking over the phone as much, we text more...but he takes a hour or more to respond sometime. One day he texted that we should be friends with benefits, but I disagreed ...telling him we can be friends but not with benefits. However, he quickly changed his mind when I told him I don't want a relationship like that. I thought about the friends with benefits idea and brought it back up informing him that it would be OK with me but he quickly disagreed with it(did I also mention he's a scorpio), telling me we are good and we will work things out. the distance also is a minor problem. I am from NJ and he is from NY.I just don't know what to do he now claim he is not much of a phone person. So I began to play the game he is playing, by giving him what he is asking for and last night he brought up how I haven't been calling him and I don't answer his text right back. I told him why and he responded with OK. Then today I texted him that I don't know how much longer I can deal with whatever kind of relationship we have. He reassured me that he is with me and we are good. I want to end things because of the limited amount of communication but I really like him ... I see so much potential . He tells me if I don't like texting to come be with him. I have two children so I can't just go when I please and he understand. ...I just don't know what to du!


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  • It's a tough call. It sounds like he likes you then it sounds like he backs away and gets scared. But you are right the communication thing can be a big problem and in order for this work he has to do a better job of communicating. It does have potential if he starts being serious in stead of playing games. He either wants to be wih you or he doesn't.


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