Pay for a cheater?

Sorry, I already posted this question, but it was messed up for some reason.

I'm hanging out with a girl this week, who clearly likes me more than her bf.. who she has been dating for a really long time.

I know that I shouldn't do anything that you would in a relationship when I'm not the one in the relationship, or else it would taint the whole thing.

So, should I pay for her? I'm thinking no... but I don't want her to get the wrong idea and think I'm rude , cheap, or whatever.

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  • Well it is really your choice...

    If to you its purely a friend thing but you want to pay for the girl because you think its the right thing to do then more power to you and feel free to let her know. "Hey I know we're just friends but I'd feel wrong if you pick up the check. Is it okay if I pay?"

    If you're into her but don't want to let her think its a date, or feel bad because you're the "other man", you've got a whole different problem. It sounds like you have respect for this relationship which is great so maybe you should set some boundaries with the girl. If you like her, be honest and tell her you don't want to ruin her relationship but cheating is always awful.

    If she knows you guys are friends she should be able to respect going dutch or taking turns paying for things. If she's not reasonable enough to understand that she's just a silly girl and it doesn't matter what she thinks about you.


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  • Your question boils down to "If I'm hanging around with a girl, do I pay for her not ?"

    I don't get the point what whether she has a boyfriend or not has to see with that.

    Paying or not paying for a girl when hanging out does not imply a relationship: you're not buying her by paying for a drink or a cheeseburger (unless maybe if she's a really desperate cheap whore) When you pay a drink to a girl you can't expect to get more than a smile and "thanks" in return (I hope you understood that already)

    I'd suggest going Dutch.