Will he text me back?

So, this guy really doesn't text me back a lot but and when I texted him do he wanna come over her said he's about to shower, bout 2 hours later I texted and asked was he coming and he said "im exhausted okay" so I said I sense some hostility in his last text OK then. he texted back and said "im sorry :-(, I'm just tired" I didn't reply and I'm always partying on the weekend. Will he be tempted to text me because I didn't reply and he know that he could be replaced at any minute?


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  • lol. full of yourself, much?

    keep doing the party girl thing. plenty of douchebags in the sea for party girls, and I'm sure you'll have the pleasure of meeting plenty of them during the course of your party girl life.

  • You can be replaced at any minute too. Your logic and tactics are severely flawed.


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